Responsive Design

This entire theme framework has been designed to be responsive. All columns and inner elements are set with percentages so they can flex and adapt to the resolution of the screen that’s viewing the site. In addition to that, video and images have also been setup to be responsive.

To play around with the responsiveness of this demo site, feel free to resize your browser window and see what happens as you make the window smaller or larger. Also make sure to check out this demo site on your mobile device or tablet.

Image Example

Any images you put into the theme are setup with CSS to flex with the content of their surroundings.

Note: When you insert an image with WordPress’s media manager directly into your post or page, make sure to remove the «width» and «height» attributes from the image’s HTML code generated by WordPress to ensure the image will be responsive like the example you see above.

Video Examples

All videos you insert into pages and posts with WordPress’s oEmbed features will also be responsive.